Passport Touch

Writer Upgrade Package - $500 in savings!
96 GB Total Storage!

Package Includes:

Passport Touch w/
32 GB internal storage, carrying case, tripod, usb cable, power supply
List Price $5395.00
32 GB Flash Drive
List Price $35.00
32 GB MicroSD Card
List Price $39.00
Designer Skin
List Price $35.00

Love at First Touch

No expense has been spared to create a writer so advanced it must be experienced to be appreciated.

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Unequalled Support

  • 24-Hour Support - 365 Days Per Year:  Compare that with companies that only offer writer support during regular business hours Monday through Friday.  You’ll also receive a private telephone orientation with a technician.
  • Free Updates:   We never charge extra for software improvements to our writers.  That can save you a lot of money over the lifetime of your writer.

The ideal writer for users of Eclipse and AccuCap, yet compatible with all modern CAT software.

Estimated Delivery:  2 - 4 weeks

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Price: $4,995.00
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