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A combination of both AccuCap (steno) and AccuCap Vox (voice).

When the world is watching, you want your captions to look good. And nothing makes you look as good as AccuCap SV using your choice of both steno and/or voice!

Advantage Software has been delivering state-of-the-art captioning software since 1989 - and it just keeps getting better. With AccuCap, you get all the sophisticated captioning features you'd expect from a market leader - plus the incredible power of Total Eclipse.

Whether you're new to captioning or a seasoned professional, AccuCap is perfect for you. Experienced captioners will appreciate the ultimate control and customizability of every function, while new users will value time-saving, fail-safe features that help prevent embarrassing mistakes. Is it any wonder that more captioners use AccuCap than any other system?

Voice Information

Dragon Naturally Speaking is considered by many to be the most accurate and reliable speech-recognition product available. But it has been too slow for CART, captioning, courtroom realtime, or any other application where fast results are required. Kiss those slow days goodbye! 

No drop-down delay. No results box. No pausing. (WITH DRAGON 15)

And that's only the beginning.  Underneath it all is the legendary magic of Eclipse and AccuCap - optimized for voicewriters.

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Key or Keyless License (help me choose)?

IMPORTANT:  Eclipse Vox requires off-the-shelf Dragon Naturally Speaking 9.5 or above. For optimum performance version 15 or above is strongly recommended.

NOTE:  Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location.

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