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Advantage Software Company Profile
Advantage Software, Inc. is a family-owned business incorporated in 1987 by Greg and Portia Seely, both of whom are former court reporters. Greg has been developing court reporting software since 1980, and formerly served as President of Computerized Reporting Systems, Chief Executive Officer of MicroCAT Corporation, and Vice-President of Product Planning for Stenograph Corporation. 
Greg’s depth of knowledge and experience, combined with the remarkable programming talents of Jeremy Thorne, enabled Advantage Software to quickly become the fastest-growing developer in the industry. 
In addition to the industry-leading computer-aided transcription software Eclipse, Advantage Software has developed a number of other products for the reporting profession, , Inc. also developed including the industry’s leading closed-captioning software, AccuCap, and Bridge Mobile.
Advantage Software believes in giving back to the profession that has been so good to them, and has created a number of programs for court reporters that have been made available free of charge, including Notex and the popular Bridge trial-viewing software. These programs may be used freely by all reporters, regardless of which CAT software they choose. 
While other companies attempt to retain their customers with proprietary protocols and products that can only be used to full advantage in bundled suites, Advantage Software, Inc., openly publishes its standards, and assists other companies with their implementation. Advantage Software hasThey have never attempted to gain an unfair competitive advantage by using proprietary standards that limit your choices. Rather, they have earned the loyalty of their customers, and their reputation as the industry’s leading technological innovator, through the most progressive research and development in the business. 
Exclusive patented technology allows you to set aside complicated writing theories, and simply write what you hear. Even when writing complex, mis-stroked words that aren’t in your dictionary, Eclipse intelligently analyzes your personal writing style with uncanny accuracy to produce virtually perfect translations no matter which theory is used. And with new updates constantly available on the company website you can be confident that Advantage Software’s, Inc., products will remain state-of-the-art. In a clear testament to its exceptional quality, more Realtime Champions choose Eclipse than any other software.
Advantage Software’s sister company, Advantage Technology & Innovations, Inc., is the developer of the most advanced shorthand writer for the court reporting market, the Passport Touch, which is . The Passport Touch is loaded with patented technology, including a hide-away touch screen, anti-stacking algorithms, adjustable-height vowel keys, adjustable-height StenoMagic keys, a built-in tablet stand, and an automatic rewriter. Other exclusives include a scroll wheel, continuously adjustable depth and tension controls, a dual user interface (function keys plus a capacitive touch screen), and the most comfortable keyboard in the industry. Free software updates are included for the lifetime of the writer.
Because support issues don’t always arise at convenient times, friendly technicians are available to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all products.  To ensure that you receive the high quality of support you deserve, the offices are staffed almost 24 hours a day, including holidays. Compare that to other companies whose technicians are only available via pagers after regular business hours, if you can reach them at all. This is a critically important consideration for closed captioners and international clients who may be seven, eight or 12 hours out of sync with the normal working hours of most American companies. 

"All these years, the same owner, the same senior programmer; the only thing that doesn't remain the same is Eclipse, which, like good wine, gets better year by year by year."

James Barker
Developer of SearchMaster