Bridge & Bridge Mobile

Bridge Mobile Viewer is a feature-rich app for realtime viewing, research, and notations of depositions and trials. It works with all modern CAT software, so you can use any court reporter. You can connect to the court reporter locally or in the Cloud. Click here to see the Bridge Mobile Viewer FAQs

An active Bridge Broadcaster subscription is required to broadcast a feed to a Bridge Mobile viewer. For more information or to activate your subscription, call us during normal office hours at 1-800-800-1759.

The Bridge Mobile Viewer app is available for download in the following stores:

Bridge Mobile Viewer is also available as a traditional desktop application for Windows and Mac.  Those versions can be downloaded directly from this website.  See the table below:


Filenamesort iconDescriptionSizeDate Uploaded
BridgeMobileSetup.exeBridge Mobile Viewer for Windows. 40.72 MBFeb 21, 2017
BridgeMobileSetup.dmgBridge Mobile Viewer for Mac. 27.80 MBFeb 21, 2017
BridgeSetup_0.exeBridge full install (Desktop)22.74 MBMar 29, 2017
CMLocalSetup V2.exeConnection Magic Local 2.0.2. Use Connection Magic Local to provide realtime over a local network. No internet required.16.92 MBFeb 21, 2017
CMLinkSetup.exeConnection Magic Link Required for Eclipse users w/ a key on v6.0.0.15 or older; or users on other CAT software.4.51 MBSep 18, 2015
CMLocalSetup.exeConnection Magic Local 1.2.1. Use Connection Magic Local to provide realtime over a local network. No internet required.17.29 MBNov 09, 2015


Filenamesort iconDescriptionSizeDate Uploaded
BridgeMobileViewerFAQ.pdfBridge Mobile Viewer Frequently-Asked Questions129.63 KBMar 30, 2015
BridgeMobilePrivacyPolicy.pdfBridge Mobile Viewer Private Policy81.95 KBFeb 20, 2015
Bridge Mobile User Guide.pdfBridge Mobile Viewer User Guide2.84 MBFeb 23, 2015
Bridge Mobile - ECLIPSE Reporter Setup.pdfReporter Setup for Eclipse 6+95.63 KBApr 16, 2015
Bridge Mobile - NON-ECLIPSE Reporter Setup.pdfNon-Eclipse Reporter Setup105.46 KBApr 16, 2015
Bridge Mobile - Quick Start.pdfBridge Mobile Viewer - Quick Start Guide777.16 KBApr 17, 2015
Bridge Mobile Security.pdfBridge Mobile Security Information67.98 KBAug 31, 2015
Bridge communication protocol.pdfBridge Communication Protocol68.80 KBSep 08, 2015
Bridge_3_Manual.pdfBridge 3.0 User Manual1.58 MBMar 29, 2017