Eclipse Intermediate Retreat Repeat

Previously Recorded Two-Session Webinar Presented by Julie Samford
Bonus Content: Jade King Interview 
CEUs Available: .6 or 6 Hours
Video Access Expiration Date: June 1, 2017
If you weren't able to join us in Florida, here's the next best thing. Julie will deliver everything from the intermediate class, minus the sand and sunshine. The newest version of Eclipse is truly the icing on the cake that was Version 7. She'll go over everything new and improved and make sure you understand how to put it to work for you!


• How to set the maximums on each type of AutoBrief based on the way you personally use them
• How to use the brand new “theory hints” function to improve your writing and remember briefs
• How to start incorporating some of Mark Kislingbury's theory for shorter strokes without changing your dictionary
• How to quickly get an AutoBrief for the last two words you've written or the three-word medical term that's only come up once but you know you're going to need it
• How to make the AutoBrief suggestions come out in a different color in your transcript and/or have the ability to scan for them to double-check for accuracy
• How to set up briefs for dates and numbers so you never get a conflict with a regular number
• How to use the info bar to display a long list of AutoBriefs if you're not using AutoMagic during realtime 
• How to cut down on the number of phrases you get in AutoBriefs
• How to keep the list of AutoBriefs that you are actually using on the screen
• How to be reminded what your brief is for “ladies and gentlemen of the jury” in the steno window
• How you can now get AutoBriefs even when you're not in realtime, and you just need some help coming up with a good brief while globaling
• Tell Eclipse not to give you tiny briefs that you might hit by accident while writing part of another word
• How to use all the very cool AutoBrief list cleanup functions, including:
◦ Change the steno in the last suggestion on the list
◦ Get rid of the last AutoBrief Eclipse gave you
◦ Delete these three AutoBriefs that are not needed
◦ Come up with a better steno suggestion than that crazy one you gave me
◦ Let me give you the steno I want for the third AutoBrief 


• Add in a brand new dictionary entry to tell Eclipse to stitch the next word
• How to define EUFPLT so it will never, ever choose a speaker when it should have been your “I” or put a speaker in the middle of your fingerspelling. 
• How to put in simple dictionary entries for phrases like “you know,” “of course,” “yes, sir,” with punctuation rules included, and then lock them so Eclipse can never get them wrong
• How to put in definitive rules for number triggers and share the artificial intelligence with other similar phrases so they will come up perfectly every single time. 
◦ Examples:
◦ exhibit/Exhibit No.
◦ paragraph/Paragraph
◦ article/Article
◦ defendant's exhibit number/Defendant's Exhibit No.
• How to search for these type entries in your dictionary so you can fix them
• How to carefully delete globals with numbers that will slow you down and cause errors
• How to use this same concept on any conflicts you have so there's no possibility for errors
• How and when to use the nine number templates in your dictionary
• How you can now put an unlimited amount of number templates directly in a dictionary entry


• How to use the new options in Analyze Docs and Dictionary Build to walk into any job with a fully-stocked job dictionary, ready for action


• Revisit the integral prefix and suffix feature from Version 6 with new rules for accuracy in Version 8
• How to add in phrases with just a few steps in integral prefix and suffix settings to add hundreds of briefs without making any new dictionary entries
• How integral prefix and suffix now works with conflicts
• Hip, hip, hooray! Dragged and dropped keys are back for even better Translation Magic! How to set this up for the way that you write
• How to add a little secret code to your metadictionary that will automatically format your quotes beautifully
• How to tweak your translation stats so you don't get bad marks for using double-stroke entries
• How to change your statistics display from “words per minute” to “strokes per minute”
• How to take a look at how well Translation Magic is working for you as well as conflict resolution after you're done editing the job


• How to proofread in PDF format
• New options for embedded exhibits in a PDF
• Explanation of all the option in the Delivery feature
• What you need to know to email transcripts, PDFs, multipage, etc., directly from Eclipse


• Refresher course on multi-channel audio, plus new options
• How to use the seating chart with microphone setup
• How to get two WAV files from one microphone


• How to use job-specific auto replacements
• How to set up a list of words that you may easily confuse so that spellcheck will always stop on them for one final look


• Major improvements to getting and staying connected!
• We'll go over everything new and talk about why it's important to you if you're outputting to scopists and attorneys during realtime.

BONUS! AN INTERVIEW WITH JADE KING (1 hour or .1 CE credits)
World Traveling Court Reporter and Captioner Extraordinaire

Have you always wondered what it would be like to pack up your court reporting equipment and travel abroad? Caption huge live events in front of thousands of people? Come enjoy this journey through the exciting life of Jade King.

Attendees will be provided with the materials necessary to apply for points from the NCRA and NVRA. Attendees must pay any CEU fees required by their association.  

PLEASE NOTE: You can save $25 with NCRA by submitting your CE application online. NCRA charges $25 extra for manual processing if you email, fax or mail in your information. Please read this page for the set of complete instructions and fee schedule:



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