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AccuCap Captioning Software - Steno
List price:$7,099.00
Sale price: $5,599.00
AccuCap Vox Captioning Software - Voice AccuCap Vox
List price:$7,999.00
Sale price: $6,499.00
AccuCapSV Captioning Software - Steno/Voice AccuCap Steno and Voice
List price:$8,599.00
Sale price: $6,899.00
Andrea Pure Audio USB Sound Card
List price:$44.99
Sale price: $35.00
CIC Cable for 1 Receiving Computer
List price:$54.95
Sale price: $29.99
CRM-1 Microphone
List price:$69.99
Sale price: $39.00
Deluxe Writer Case
List price:$99.00
Sale price: $49.50
Eclipse - Steno
List price:$4,099.00
Sale price: $3,099.00
Eclipse Edit Eclipse Edit
List price:$1,599.00
Sale price: $1,449.00
Eclipse Vox - Voice
List price:$4,999.00
Sale price: $3,999.00
EclipseSV - Steno/Voice Eclipse Steno and Voice
List price:$5,599.00
Sale price: $4,499.00