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MSRP: $399.00 | 2-YEAR WARRANTY!

The new Dragon Nuance USB technology will revolutionize speech recognition speed and accuracy for steno-mask court reporters.

Now you can even whisper and still achieve real-time results. All court reporters speak differently. The Dragon Steno-mask is a digital USB device which is automatically controlled/tuned by the Dragon Voice Recognition Software to your voice to get the extreme accuracy that court reporters need. If you speak differently from moment to moment, or day to day, the Dragon Steno-mask will adjust itself to your voice multiple times a minute. You will never have to manually tune a microphone in a steno-mask again. Welcome to the Digital Age of Steno-mask reporting. All other masks are simply analog and old-fashioned. Take your voice recognition to the next level with the Dragon Steno-mask!

Once you have trained the New All Digital Dragon Stenomask go into the settings in Nuance Dragon 15 and under options, set the accuracy to Most Accurate. Now train a new profile and read to it and it will get better and better till you are approaching real-time.

This is the greatest leap forward in Steno-mask technology since the invention of the Stenomask. This is the most anticipated tool for court reporters in a very long time.

Approved with the Dragon 7+ Star rating, the highest ever, the Martel Dragon Mask will take your court reporting to the highest level of recognition. Limited production, the delivery may be delayed!

Since the Dragon Stenomask is a completely digital device, it does not use your computers sound card. This helps in processing a digital to a digital signal, so there is no loss of voice quality to your Dragon software. Typically, when you use a steno-mask that is analog (3.5mm-1/8 male plug connector) with a sound card, the computer needs to change the signal from analog to digital and there are signal and quality loss. The Dragon Mask avoids all loss by being completely 100% digital.


*No Returns: To ensure the health and safety of all our customers, kindly note that we are unable to accept returns for this product, as it comes into contact with the human mouth. We appreciate your understanding.