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Instructor: Anissa Nierenberger
Credits: 1.5 hours or .15 CE (NCRA)
Date Recorded: March 14, 2024
Recording Access: Unlimited viewing on our website until at least July 1, 2024.
Suitable for all court reporters who write steno, regardless of CAT software.

Students save 50% and school instructors attend for free! Instructors, call 772-288-3266 during normal business hours to request access. CEUs are not included with free access.

*This webinar is not recommended for users who do not write steno. No refunds.


“I need to clean out my dictionary!” Reporters say this ALL the time! But what does this really mean? Why do you need to clean it out? What are you seeing that’s causing you grief? We’ll answer some very important questions before we can finally scour your million-dollar tool! Ms. Dictionary Jumpstart herself is the industry dictionary expert and she will help you navigate this process. Stop letting your dictionary break you! Let’s show your dictionary some love so that you can show off your radiant realtime! Recorded for later viewing and earning!

There is a quiz located on the video page which you must pass with a 75% grade or higher to get your certificate of attendance.


Anissa R. Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI

Anissa has been a captioner for 29 years.  In 2000, Anissa founded Dictionary Jumpstart, a realtime dictionary-building software that has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries and allowed them to explore other areas of reporting, including captioning and CART captioning. As an author, Anissa has also published several articles as well as five books.  Her latest book, Terrific Tidbits was just released in May. Anissa started training reporters eight years ago and offers one-on-one realtime training, CART training and broadcast captioning training. She’s helped over 1,000 reporters achieve their goals of realtime, passing the CRR and transitioning into CART and captioning careers.

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