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Filenamesort descendingDescriptionSizeDate Uploaded
speexacm_1.0.1.1.zipSpeex Codec. Unzip to an empty directory and run setup to install.208.38 KBAug 26, 2011
vlc-2.2.4-win32.exeVLC Media Player 29.12 MBFeb 21, 2017
keytools.exeAdvantage Software Keytools Package Sentinel HASP/LDK - Command Line Run-time Installer v6.65 (Windows 8 Compatible)13.48 MBOct 02, 2015
KeyProg.exeKey Programming Utility. Use only at request of Advantage Software Support. 2.23 MBApr 27, 2017
Automatic indexing.pdfInstructions for creating an automatic index in Total Eclipse.547.36 KBAug 26, 2011
ECLIPSEVOX.dixEclipse Vox dictionary for voice users that are using Dragon 11/11.5 and 12/12.5 Can also be used with Dragon 107.87 KBApr 14, 2015
4thTutor.exeKeith Vincent's Efficient Editing Tutorial for Total Eclipse v4.0+.7.08 MBAug 26, 2011
4vPreSufs.exePrefix and Suffix Kit v4, for Total Eclipse v4.1.54 MBAug 26, 2011
4vRTkit.exeRealtime editing kit version 4, for Total Eclipse v4.1.94 MBAug 26, 2011
5vRTkit.exeKeith Vincent's Realtime Editing Kit , for Total Eclipse 5, 6, and 7.2.07 MBJun 19, 2015
AccuCAP4-2.pdfAccuCap Manual for version 4.2. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.1.32 MBAug 26, 2011
Eclipse - Multipage.pdfHow to manipulate fonts in Multipage printing within Total Eclipse.53.65 KBAug 26, 2011
EclipseVox_Numbers_Documentation.pdfEclipseVox Numbers Documentation36.20 KBAug 26, 2011
federal.exeSelf-Extracting EclipseNT files for Federal Reporters.135.50 KBAug 26, 2011
florida.setFlorida transcript format setting - compatible with Florida Supreme Court ruling on transcript margins.4.75 KBAug 26, 2011
GdiPlus.exeGDI+ Module for Windows (required for development version and higher)936.50 KBAug 26, 2011
HDD_remove.exeAladdin's Hasp driver uninstall utility. Download only upon request from technical support.5.76 MBAug 26, 2011
Acroread.exeAdobe Acrobat Reader90.62 MBFeb 21, 2017
mq2002.hseAustralian Macquarie spelling dictionary1.09 MBAug 26, 2011
Obscene words list.zipPlease follow the instructions included in the zip file if you want to prevent obscene words from appearing in your realtime.941 bytesJul 22, 2014
PL-2303 Driver Installer.exeHawking Technologies USB Serial Adaper model HUC232S driver installation package.1.62 MBAug 26, 2011
Speech.setSettings file for importing Speech Input only in EclipseVox 5. Does not effect Document current setup.152.97 KBJan 13, 2012
SpeechAll.setDefault EclipseVox 5 Settings File.157.37 KBJan 13, 2012
SpeechKey.zipSpeech Key Dictionary, Settings, and Macro15.30 KBAug 26, 2011
SpeechKey_Description.txtHow to use SpeechKey features.3.61 KBAug 26, 2011
StenEd.exeStenEd Realtime Theory Lessons for Total Eclipse v4 Lesson Player. Requires an installed copy of Total Eclipse v4.1.46 MBAug 26, 2011
vcredist_x86.exevcredist_x86.exe - Needed to install updates.1.74 MBAug 26, 2011
zoo.exeCompression/decompression utility for extracting OmniCAT files.65.62 KBAug 26, 2011
Replacer.zipReplacer sample utility for voicewriter1.38 MBMay 05, 2017


Filenamesort descendingDescriptionSizeDate Uploaded
PassportUSBDriverSetup.exePassport USB Drivers652.83 KBMar 02, 2015
PassportTouch_USB_Drivers.exePC Application: Windows drivers for Passport Touch USB Connection.3.91 MBMar 02, 2015