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This shielded realtime cable works with the Protégé® and élan Mira® writers manufactured by Stenograph Corporation.  Ten feet long with thumbscrews for easy attachment.


  • MALE TO FEMALE DB9 CONNECTORS: With DB9 extension cables, you will no longer sacrifice convenience when it comes to the placement of computer peripherals in your work area. This cable will give you the flexibility you need to set up extra screens in whatever space you have available. Our DB9 extension cables can extend your existing connections or replace the cables that restrict you.
  • EXTEND RS-232 SERIAL CABLES: If you already have existing RS-232 cables, chances are you may need an extension. This DB9 connector has a beige jacket that follows safety standards and will protect the cable itself from damage. All pins are wired straight through the electrical cable and the fully-molded design provides excellent strain relief.
  • EASY THUMBSCREW CONNECTION: This cable’s fully molded connectors with thumbscrews provide you with a quick and easy connection every time. Simply loosen screws to disconnect, then attach and tighten securely to connect. This tangle-free cord is a necessary accessory to have on hand for your home office or cubicle.
  • 28 AWG SHIELDED CABLE: This cable is fully shielded in order to guard against EMI (electromagnetic interference) or RFI (radio frequency interference). These cables are great for creating a new visual display, like hooking up multiple monitors or connecting a laptop to a monitor.