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Two-Session Webinar Presented by Bettye Keyes (6-hours)
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If you weren't able to join us in Florida, here's the next best thing. Bettye will deliver everything from her class, minus the sand and sunshine.
Bettye Keyes, CCR, CSR, CVR-M, RVR is the reporting industry’s first certified realtime voice writer to develop and author works related to speech-recognition-based realtime voice writing techniques and theories. She is a Certified Court Reporter and Certified Shorthand Reporter at the state level and also holds Certified Verbatim Reporter-Master and Realtime Verbatim Reporter certifications through the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA).
Bettye has used speech recognition from the inception of her reporting career and has written books, produced training videos, and built realtime training programs across all voice writing disciplines, including for the U.S. military and corporations throughout the United States abroad. She currently lives and works as an official court reporter in the State of Maryland as she continues to contribute her ideas and methods to cultivate the reporting profession through the advancement of realtime voice writing practices taught by educational institutions.

Attendees will be provided with the materials necessary to apply for points from the NCRA and NVRA. Attendees must pay any CE/CEU fees required by their association.  

Recording Access Expiration: You will have at least 90 days to watch this webinar from the date of purchase.


Here's just some of what you'll learn:

Session 1: Proficiency with Translations and Editing

  • Dictionary codes and syntax
  • Number conversion tricks
  • Autobriefs
  • Managing multiple court cases within the same translation
  • Extracting isolated portions of text (including synced audio) as an independent Eclipse file when you're ready to edit just one case
  • Autoreplacements
  • Globaling functions for editing
  • Hyperkeys

Session 2: Improving Accuracy and Miscellaneous Tips & Tricks

  • Speech options
  • Job dictionaries, why and how to use them
  • Globaling functions to improve accuracy
  • The key to vocabulary building using the SpeechText dictionary
  • The Metadictionary: What is it and what do you really need to know about it?
  • Creating macros and how to execute them via dictation or keystrokes
  • Miscellaneous tricks for working with block files (setting up list files, linking parenthetical block files to dictionary entries to insert them during dictation, placing a scanned signature or other image within title and certificate pages, etc.)
  • Creating PDFs and bundle delivery options (including full-sized and condensed transcripts with concordance and exhibits)
  • Identifying your hardware and knowing your audio control panel and settings for use with Eclipse
  • Eclipse vs. Windows audio setup
  • User Settings
    • Overview of each tab of user settings and what lies beneath them
  • Working with dictionaries
    • Understanding of the difference between Dragon’s vocabulary and Eclipse dictionaries
    • Types of dictionaries and their function
    • Dictionary syntax
    • Types of dictionary entries and how to create them
    • Loading dictionaries and setting default dictionaries
  • Block files/Autoinclude files
    • Where do they live
    • When to use them and how to create them
  • Editing
    • Post-translation vs. On-the-fly editing
    • Hyperkeys vs Standard Mode
    • Globaling
      • Types of globals and how to perform them
      • Determining misrecognitions and how to handle them through globaling
Attendees will be provided with the materials necessary to apply for points from the NCRA and NVRA. Attendees must pay any CEU fees required by their association.  
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