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Don’t cut corners with something as important as your computer. Advantage Software only sells reliable, custom-configured, business-class laptops.

Laptops are delivered thoroughly tested, optimized, and configured for court reporting. A one-year subscription to SearchMaster (new customers), Dictionary Jumpstart Light, and a 3-year warranty included at no extra charge.

If you are an Eclipse user, Advantage Software will pre-install your software and Eclipse user settings onto your computer at no additional cost, including the latest version of Eclipse and audio synchronization setup! Upon receipt of your laptop, you're ready to go.

Need financing? Click HERE to apply for $0 down and no payments for 90 days!

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Fujitsu U759 Laptop - i5/512GB $1,875.00
Fujitsu U759 Laptop - i7/1TB $2,199.00
Fujitsu U939 Ultrabook - i7 1TB Red $2,199.00
Fujitsu U939x Ultrabook - i5 Black
List price:$2,099.00
Sale price: $1,899.00