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Over 3 hours of video presentations PLUS .4 NCRA Continuing Education Units!

Now in its 2nd Edition, this tutorial has been revised, updated, and greatly expanded.  The “Fill in the Blanks” and Automatic Indexing features of Total Eclipse can be tremendous time-savers, but only if you use them.  This tutorial offers step-by-step demonstrations for both setup and use.

Please Note: All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer, even while Eclipse is being used.

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Tutorial Outline:
Audio/Visual Tips
How the Video Player Works

1. Creating and Using a Block Files Folder
2. Form Fields (The “Fill-in-the-Blanks” Process)
     A Simple Example: “Exhibit Marked”
     Modifying a Field:  “Remember” Previous Exhibit Number
     Capitalize, Non-Adjustable, Auto-Delete
     The Birdcage
     Creating Form Fields that Use Pick Lists
     Using and Refining Pick Lists
     Nested Fields
     Corrections to Filled-In Blanks
     Single Scan & “Last Field”

3. Automatic Indexing
     Analyzing your Index Pages
     Creating Heading Files for Index Categories
     Creating Paragraph Formats for Indexing
     Indexing Lines and Form Fields
     Order, Sorting, and Last Steps
     Autoincludes and Marking Multiple Exhibits
     Editing and Index After Accepting It
     Wildcards within Indexing Lines
     Certified Questions
     Skipping Lines Between Index Entries
     Chronological and Alphabetical Witness Indexes
     Headings and Paragraphs for Multi-Column Indexes
     Index Lines for Multi-Column Indexes
     Multiple Instances of the Same Item
     Generating a Master Index

4. Sample Block Files & Visualizers
     How to Install Sample Files
     Importing Settings, Finding Block Files
     The Overview Document
     Blanks that Store Personal Information
     Inserting Cover Pages
     Case Caption Behavior
     Blanks that Store Client Info for Appearance Pages
     Examinations and Exhibits
     Index Lines:  Show or Hide?
     The Indexing Wizard (Ctrl I)
     Indexing Court Proceedings, The Overview
     Opening/Closing Statements
     Examinations in Court
     Court Exhibits
     Jury Selection
     Jury Selection in Capital Cases
     Generating a Volume Index
     Generating a Master Index

Sample Files
     e-Power Class
     Federal Files
     Texas Files for Freelancers
     Texas Files for Court Officials
     California Files for Freelancers
     California Files for Court Officials

Supplementary Documentation (PDF Files)
Obtaining Continuing Education Credits

     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2: True or False - 50 Questions

Note:  Two tests are offered.  Take whichever one you prefer.  You can even take both tests, but double credit is not available.

“I have learned a great deal from these CDs. Nobody told me about a lot of this.  Where have I been all these years?  I’ve just been trying to turn out transcripts, picking up things here and there at seminars, but nothing like these tutorials!”

-- Diane Parnell
Atlanta, Georgia




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