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Instructor: Julie Samford
Date Recorded: April 10, 2012
Credit: 2 hours or .2 CEU (NCRA)
Recording Access: At least 90 days from your date of purchase.

If you're not using Hyperkeys to edit, we need to talk. Seriously, you do not need to learn the entire Hyperkeys chart that looks like the Periodic Table of Elements. We'll go over the dirty dozen that every reporter should know. Hyperkeys are simply the fastest way to edit, hands down.

Julie will walk you through the essential Hyperkeys, provide you with a cheat sheet, just in case you have a short attention span, and then you'll have an exercise to do on your own to make sure you've got Hyperkeys mastered.

Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity if you've been holding off on Hyperkeys!


Materials necessary to apply for points from the NCRA and NVRA will be provided.  You are responsible to pay any fees required by your association.


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