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Over 3 hours of video presentations PLUS .4 NCRA Continuing Education Units!

If you'd like to learn how to use Eclipse to edit from the steno keyboard, the 2nd Edition of this popular tutorial is for you.  It presents the skills of the Realtime Editing Kit in an order that's easy to follow.  In addition, it creates a practice area in which you can safely try out your new skills.

Please Note: All videos run from CD-ROM disks and can be played on your computer, even while Eclipse is being used.

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Tutorial Outline:
Preview of the Installation Process
Compatibility Notes
Install Keyboard Magic
“Show Me” Files Installed for Use with Eclipse Realtime Translation
     A1 - Audio Adjustments
     A2 - Video Adjustments
     A3 - Demo 1 - Quick Corrections
     A4 - Demo 2 - Display Control
     A5 - Demo 3 - Quick Globals
     A6 - What’s in the Kit
     A7 - Playing Safe
     A8 - How Interactive
     B1 - Realtime Prep
     B2 - Start Translation
     C1 - Readback
     C2 - Panic Stroke and Tag-Along Toggle
     C3 - Spot Finders
     C4 - Arrow Keys
     C5 - Adopting Dictionary Entries
     D1 - Hide or Show Translation
     D2 - Zoom and Spacing
     D3 - Show Dictionary, Toggle Screen
     D4 - Maximize or Close Window
     D5 - Display Timekeeper
     E1 - Delete Previous Untranslate
     E2 - Join Paragraphs
     E3 - Join Sentences
     E4 - Fix Period or Question
     E5 - Fix Q and A
     E6 - Ditto
     E7 - Butting In
     E8 - Dashes Needed
     F1 - Fix Unresolved Conflict
     F2 - Fix Wrong Conflict Choice
     F3 - Flip Words
     F4 - Stitch
     F5 - Strike That
     F6 - Hyphenate or Quote
     F7 - Flag a Note or a Quote
     F8 - Fonts: Bold or Underlined
     G1 - Global with Capitalization
     G2 - Global as Spelling Savers (“Memory” Macros)
     G3 - Go Correct Untranslate
     G4 - Go Correct Misstroke
     G5 - While in the Globaling Window
     G6 - Spacebar and Backspace
     G7 - Go Create Brief
     G8 - Go Create Capitalized Brief
     G9 - Auto-Brief
     H1 - How Keymode Matters
     H2 - How about Alphabets
     H3 - How about Numbers and Conflicts
     H4 - Go Define Untranslate
     H5 - How about a Dictionary Entry
     H6 - How about a Speaker
     H7 - Hyperkeys from the Stenowriter
     M1 - Making a Macro
     M2 - Behind the Panic Stroke
     M3 - Adopting Specific Macros
     M4 - Adopting the Spelling Savers (“Memory” Macros)
     M5 - Macro Groups
     M6 - A Macro Writer’s Footnote
     M7 - Macros and Autoreplacements

Obtaining Continuing Education Credits
     How to Obtain NCRA Continuing Education Credits
     Test 1: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 2: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 3: Multiple Choice - 25 Questions
     Test 4: True or False - 50 Questions
         Note:  Multiple tests are offered. Take whichever one you prefer.
         You can even take all tests, but multiple credit is not available.