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"All these years, the same owner, the same senior programmer; the only thing that doesn't remain the same is Eclipse, which, like good wine, gets better year by year by year."

- James Barker, Developer of SearchMaster


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It’s not easy to make something powerful look easy—but Eclipse has been doing it for over 30 years. We don’t just innovate, we emancipate, freeing reporters from drudgery with elegant technology that is incredibly easy to use. Features like Global Magic, Translation Magic,  AutoMagic, and new Connection Magic have transformed court reporting with better translations, faster editing, and simpler operation.


Eclipse never rests! Our latest update includes over 300 new features and improvements, all of which work together for unmatched efficiency and ease of use. Below are just a few of the powerful new features in Eclipse:


Transcript Manager Suite


Impress your clients with a complete transcript management solution – without the expense. Eclipse includes all the functionality of expensive transcript management programs. 

  • PDF Encryption & Protection
  • PDF/A-1b Compliance
  • One-Step Document Delivery
  • Digital Signature Support
  • Concordance Indexing
  • Auto-Indexing
  • Embedded Exhibit Files
  • Embedded Exhibit Linking
  • Embedded Auto-Indexing Linking

Miniature Transcripts – on Steroids

Our popular Multi-Page functions have been dramatically expanded for greater flexibility and ease of use. Multi-Page integrates seamlessly with our new transcript management features, and includes all the functionality you would expect in a high-end stand-alone program – including embedded exhibits and full-size/miniature bundling.

MultiSync –AudioSynch Reinvented

Now you can record and play back separate channels of audio without using any special hardware or file formats. Automatically sync multiple separate microphones to different speakers to easily play back each one individually, dramatically increasing clarity. MultiSync can also simultaneously record large, high-quality files for yourself and small files you can stream to remote scopists without the need for additional microphones.

Exciting Team Editing Improvements

Share the work for faster delivery! The exclusive Shared Editing functions of Connection Magic are more robust and flexible than ever. Now you can share private messages, import Bridge Mobile annotations as proofreader’s marks, “hand off” output session ownership to other reporters, stream audio, remove users in realtime, and automatically transmit all associated document information. Imagine how impressed your clients will be when you hand them final copy before they walk out the door! Use Shared Editing at any time: in realtime or long after translation.

Effortless Connection to Realtime Clients Worldwide with Bridge Mobile™

Bridge Mobile takes realtime to the next level, displaying your changes the instant you make them. With Eclipse 10 and Bridge Mobile, it’s easy to securely connect to clients worldwide or locally – all for one low price. Your clients can use iPads, Android devices, and PC/Mac/Linux browsers.

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts

Eclipse is much more than a collection of powerful features. It was meticulously designed from the ground up as a fully-integrated program where virtually every function enhances every other function. Intelligent conflict resolution enhances Translation Magic, which enhances Auto-Brief, which enhances Shared Editing, which learns from other’s editing changes, which improves intelligent conflict resolution, which results in less editing, which results in better realtime, and so forth. That’s why cobbled-on copycat features from other vendors fail to deliver the ease of use and efficiency of Eclipse.


Other new features include AI-sharing, continuous statistics updating, “delayed” number triggers, an auto-block feature for boilerplate text, improved Analyze Documents features, more powerful Auto-Briefs, an even more powerful version of Advantage Software’s patented Translation Magic, and much more.

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Intelligent Translation


Translating is more than taking steno dictionary entries and tacking them together. Reporters should leverage as many specialty dictionary entries as possible, along with features that can perform automated transformations reliably enough to be used in realtime. Here is a list of intelligent translation features in Eclipse that can directly improve accuracy and make writing easier:


Auto-brief – Suggests briefs automatically, reminds you of briefs you already have, provides briefs on-demand, and makes live theory suggestions according to the advice of experts. Many Eclipse users have said they couldn't write realtime without it.

Translation Magic – An automatic accuracy booster. Phonetic words, including complex multi-stroke constructions, can be written with no dictionary entries, and misstrokes, including ones for complex multi-stroke entries, can be automatically detected and fixed. This feature can be adjusted by the user to fit writing style, and for expert realtime writers, can even have the automation turned off and executed on demand only for specific tricky words.

Prefix/suffix spelling adjustment – Handles every possible situation by virtue of the fact that in addition to hundreds of pre-programmed rules, users can create their own rules and variations.

Number conversion – Numbers can be written in any style, including “pen” styles or verbatim styles that mimic what people say directly. Triggers and automation with user-defined settings ensure that numbers will come out exactly as you want, including dates, times, quantities, addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and not only dollars and cents, but over a hundred international currencies.


Dynamic Editing


It's a significant confidence boost to know that you can go back and retroactively edit any mistake on the fly and have it fix the transcript, even for the viewers. Due to that principle, many of the editing features in Eclipse are relevant in realtime.


Macros – Any conceivable editing command can be reduced to a single keystroke, or in a single stroke from the steno machine. Built-in macros are provided for performing globals and adding dictionary entries, capitalizing, punctuating, changing speaker names, selecting conflicts, and dozens more.

Global Magic – The powerful steno analysis features used by the Translation Magic feature are also used by the features for globaling and adding dictionary entries. Simply put, it can look at any sequence of steno and make intelligent guesses about whether it was a misstroke for a dictionary entry you already have or a phonetic representation of a word. It's so accurate that for the majority of globals, you won't need to type anything and can just select a guess by hitting a single numbered choice. Fingerspelling is practically obsolete.

Automagic – Just placing the cursor on the location where you would like to edit something is usually enough. AutoMagic suggests the ten most likely edits that you would want in that location, starting with the Global Magic choices, but including common typeovers, punctuation modifications, word reversals, number conversions, and dozens of other possible edits. Learning dozens of command keys or steno stroke macros can be hard. But learning to hit 1-9 to pick a pre-selected edit? Easy. Even from the writer.


Instant Collaboration


What if you just don't have time to edit while you're in realtime? How can the benefits of the Eclipse editor help you? Well, who said you have to edit by yourself?


The Connection Magic Team Editing feature means that multiple scopists and proofreaders can be in your document with you, connected over the Internet, even in realtime, and their corrections are also transmitted to your client viewers. This turns daily copy into instant copy, making the realtime transcript as close to the final product as you can possibly get.


This feature includes all sorts of helpful functions such as messaging, color-coded edits, audio synchronization over the connection, team roles, paragraph progress colorization and tracking, and many more. It's a game-changer for transcript production teams, and the fact that it works in realtime can make your work look flawless.


Broad Compatibility


Realtime doesn't do you much good if your audience can't receive it. Eclipse pioneered realtime compatibility with the development of the Bridge refresh protocol which allows sending live edits to the many different realtime viewing software programs that support it, including not just our own Bridge/Mobile, but Thompson-Reuters' LiveNote, LiveLitigation/LiveDeposition, LegalCraft's Transcend and others. The Bridge protocol has also been adopted by many other CAT companies in order for realtime edits to work across the industry, and it's freely available to everyone. No royalties, no trademarks, no catches, no hidden agenda. Compatibility makes everyone better.


Eclipse also supports more than a dozen other protocols and connection methods from serial ports to Internet connectivity. It includes a CART window viewer for large-text viewing that can even be used directly on an external monitor or projector without any networking or serial devices at all.


In order to be compatible even with devices that have no special software installed, the Bridge Mobile viewer will appear on any device with a web browser so clients can get instant access easily.


Flexible Design


The cornerstone of Eclipse is flexibility. Every feature can be customized down to the last detail. That means that Eclipse can perform exactly as you wish. For realtime, that means that you have complete control over the translation of steno, and over the presentation of the results. For your own convenience, it means that you can tune the editing and display features for peak efficiency. Here is a list of just some of the features over which users have direct control:


Keystrokes – All editing commands are configurable.

Toolbars, Windows and Dialogs – The content, size, location, arrangement of toolbars is completely user-definable. Font size and style, transparency, arrangement, etc., are modifiable across the scope of the entire program.

Colors – The dozens of color-coding cues can be set by the user to adapt to different screens, environments and vision preferences.

Dictionary list – Use as many dictionaries as you like in translation.

Dictionary entry behavior – The Metadictionary allows users to define exactly how all paragraphing, punctuation, numbers and other special entries behave rather than having to modify individual entries in the main dictionary. One simple change in the settings can save having to edit dozens of dictionary entries manually.

Steno theory settings – Changing the phonetics table, the Auto-brief steno theory, the integral prefix/suffix settings, the Translation Magic rules, and many other settings allow you to essentially teach your personal steno theory to Eclipse so that it can translate the way you write.




This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does underscore the significance of many of Eclipse's features and their relevance for realtime. All users should be encouraged to explore the degree to which the software can be configured to meet their needs down to the last detail, and to consult documentation, support techs, trainers and seminars to leverage all of the features that can lead to polished, accurate realtime writing delivered seamlessly to clients and viewers.


Q. Why should I choose Eclipse over another CAT system?


A. Innovation and Integration are the hallmarks of Eclipse CAT software. Eclipse was years ahead of the competition in creating features like intelligent prefix/suffix addition, intelligent conflict resolution, automatic number formatting, Global Magic (intelligent global suggestions), Auto-Brief (automatic realtime steno shortcuts), and Multi-Synch (up to 8 distinct channels of synchronized audio.)


While some of these features have been imitated with limited success, Eclipse continues to raise the bar with truly unique innovations like Translation Magic, AutoMagic, and Team Editing.  Only Eclipse allows multiple reporters, scopists, and proofreaders to edit a document at the same time, in real time or anytime a transcript has to be delivered super-fast. 


For steno that is not yet defined in the reporter's dictionary, the competition offers only basic phonetic translation that's limited to individual steno strokes; in contrast, Eclipse offers Translation Magic, which uses intelligent phonetics and dragged/dropped key rescue to make sense of multiple steno strokes for unexpected names and terms. No wonder Eclipse receives such high marks for the quality of its translation and has been used by so many NCRA realtime champions.


Since realtime transcription is so important to the future of our profession, Eclipse has led the way with the refresh technology found in Bridge PC and Bridge Mobile (for PC/Mac/Linux computers, iPads, and other portable devices), the CART window, AccuCap closed captioning, and YouTube captioning.


Editing, of course, is the most time-consuming part of a reporter's job, which is why Eclipse created AutoMagic. Each time you move your cursor, Eclipse offers as many as 10 context-appropriate choices that facilitate word replacement, spelling, dictionary building, punctuation, paragraphing, speaker identification, number formatting, Google searches, and much more. AutoMagic integrates years of innovation to make Eclipse easy to use and easy to learn.


Over 350 Visualizer movies that are integrated with the Help system


As Louise Becker said when she beat Mark Kislingbury as the NCRA realtime champion a few years ago: "Before switching to Eclipse, I had never even managed to qualify in the annual NCRA Realtime Contest. Three years later, I was the national realtime champion. The many advanced features in Eclipse, especially Translation Magic, helped put me over the top. Eclipse is, without question, the finest CAT software ever written"

NOTE:  Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location. Return Policy

All software purchased from Advantage Software includes 1 Year of unlimited updates and unlimited UNMATCHED toll-free, 24-hour support (365 days per year).

NOTE:  Software sales may be subject to sales tax depending upon your location. Return Policy

Hardware & Operating System Recommendations:

Eclipse & AccuCap: We recommend computers running Windows 10 Professional or above at 3 GHz or above, with at least 8 gigabytes of RAM. An i5 processor or above is recommended. The faster the processor, the better. The more RAM, the better. Multiple USB ports are preferred. A serial port or serial adapter (PC card or USB) may be required for realtime connection to older stenographic writers.

EclipseVox & AccuCap Vox: Our Vox products require powerful computers for optimum performance. We recommend an i7 processor running at 3.5 GHz or above, 16 or more gigabytes of RAM, a solid-state hard disk (SSD), Dragon 15, and configuration by an expert. Processes should be kept to a minimum.


Mac Users: Eclipse REQUIRES Macs with an Intel i5 or i7 processor with at least 8GB of RAM. 

Eclipse will run on a Mac with Windows 10, in conjunction with either Boot Camp and/or Parallels.  However, we recommend using Boot Camp as it would be no different than running Windows on any other laptop, as it boots up separately.

While Parallels is a great program, we do not recommend using Eclipse with it.  Running Parallels requires that your computer is running 2 different operating systems at the same time (Windows OS & Mac OS), which is very resource intensive. Through intensive testing we have found Parallels to freeze unexpectedly, problems with writer connectivity, and problems using plug & play devices (i.e. external mouse).  In a nutshell, using Parallels will probably cause problems that are beyond our control.

M1 Macs are not compatible with Eclipse as they are not capable of running x86-based operating systems.

Advantage Software Laptops

When you purchase laptops from Advantage Software, you are assured of top-quality, business-class laptops with three-year manufacturer’s warranties. At Advantage Software, we give you the kind of personal attention you deserve. Computers are delivered with your software and personal files already installed. Before your system goes out the door, it is rigorously tested, burned in for at least 48 hours, and optimized for maximum performance with our products. In the unlikely event you experience problems with hardware purchased through Advantage Software, we will intervene with the manufacturer on your behalf to the best of our ability.

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Third-Party Laptops

Most laptops purchased through third parties are consumer-class products. If you purchase your laptop elsewhere, be sure to confirm that it is a business-class computer. Please bear in mind that computer configuration is not included in the price of your software. Should you choose to provide your own laptop, it is important that you choose a reputable, full-service computer dealer, since you and your hardware vendor will be responsible for properly configuring your laptop and operating system. You may optionally choose to have Advantage Software configure your computer for you. The cost is $289 for Eclipse or AccuCap, and $389 for EclipseVox or AccuCap Vox. Return shipping by ground is included within the Continental United States.